Scodix Setup

Scodix is a print finish that adds a tactile effect to your finished product. Scodix’s versatility means that you can create any texture you can think, from the smooth feel of leather to the slight roughness of scales.

The applications for Scodix finishing are endless and create prints that literally stand out from the crowd. Due to the one pass print technology employed in Scodix finishing, adding a textured finish to your printed work is quick and easy and can be used in digital and litho printing.

Scodix finishes are ideal for a variety of printed products in any industry, from business cards to invitations, calendars to packaging; Scodix is a multipurpose and beautiful finish.

Setting up your files for Scodix in a few easy steps:

Setting up a file for Scodix printing is very easy. All we’ll need is another layer to your artwork which will act as a mask for all the areas that you would like to be enhanced. This new layer file will be sent to the Scodix printer queue as a PDF file. Just make sure that it is completely identical to your original CMYK artwork.

Creating artwork for Scodix:

  • Open your artwork in your preferred design software.
  • Select the elements you desire to Scodix and duplicate it to a new layer.
  • Convert the layer to a new ‘Scodix’ spot colour and setup the desired density (full 100% or 30%-5%).
  • If the item to be Scodix enhanced is a picture, you will need to creat a mask in Photoshop.
  • Do not allow Scodix images to bleed and avoid placing Scodix over folds.

For a more in-depth step by step guide, click here to download the PDF guide.

Video Tutorial