Paper Sizes

Understanding the size of paper needed for your work will be the difference between a professional looking piece and pure awkwardness.

Our easy to use paper size guide is designed to take the confusion out of choosing the size for your printing.

A series paper is used in general printing, including stationery and publications. A0 is the basic, standard sheet and measures 841mm x 1189mm (about 1m2). Each number after that indicates that the sheet is half the size of the sheet before. So A1 will be half the size of A0, A2 is a quarter of A0 and so on.

Paper bigger than A0 keep the same proportions and a number is added to the front of the letter, for example 2A0 is twice as big as an A0 sheet. Below is a simple guide to the different paper and envelope sizes:

A0 – 1189×841 mm
A1 – 841×594 mm
A2 – 594×420 mm
A3 – 420×297 mm
A4 – 297×210 mm
A5 – 210×148 mm
A6 – 148×105 mm

B4 – 353×250 mm
B5 – 250×176 mm
B6 – 176×125 mm
C4 – 324×229 mm
C5 – 229×162 mm
C6 – 162×114 mm
DL – 220×110 mm
DL Maxi – 230×115 mm