Calendar Templates

Our range of pre-designed calendar templates and deskpads that take the hassle out of the year-end gifts and the cost out of re-designing. All you need to do is supply is with the few details listed below and we will do the rest! We can also source images for you  from our vast library of visuals.

What you need to supply us:
• Your company name and logo
• Your company contact details
• Images (where applicable)
• Choice of rimming or wiro colour (where applicable)
• Select your size and quantity you wish to have printed

Send all of this along with the name of the template you like to and we will send you a proof of the final calendar.

Wall Calendars (A1 / A2 / A3)

A single-sheet, pre-designed calendar template printed in full colour on 300gsm Titan Hi-Q with a matt machine varnish. Rimmed at the top and bottom in your choice of Silver or Gold and includes a hanger. Either use the default image, supply your own or tell us what you would like and we will source an image for you. 

Wall Calendar - Template 01
Wall Calendar - Template 02
Wall Calendar - Template 03

Wall Calendar Costing:


A1 Wall Calendar
R5 454 ex. VAT
R6 272 ex. VAT
R7 091 ex. VAT
R7 910 ex. VAT
R9 552 ex. VAT
R12 835 ex. VAT
R17 752 ex. VAT
R21 030 ex. VAT

A2 Wall Calendar
R5 209 ex. VAT
R5 789 ex. VAT
R6 363 ex. VAT
R6 944 ex. VAT
R8 097 ex. VAT
R10 410 ex. VAT
R13 872 ex. VAT
R16 190 ex. VAT

A3 Wall Calendar
R2 080 ex. VAT
R2 578 ex. VAT
R3 083 ex. VAT
R3 582 ex. VAT
R4 611 ex. VAT
R6 645 ex. VAT
R9 680 ex. VAT
R11 720 ex. VAT

Deskpad Calendars (A2 / A3)

A 12 page (one per month), pre-designed deskpad template printed in full colour on 90gsm Gallerie Art Tauro, with a 369gsm De Halm backing board. The deskpads are padded at the top, and have 2 PVC corners on the bottom. 

Deskpad Calendar - Template 01
Deskpad Calendar - Template 02

Deskpad Calendar Costing:


A2 Deskpad Calendar
R13 241 ex. VAT
R14 468 ex. VAT
R15 758 ex. VAT
R16 986 ex. VAT
R19 503 ex. VAT
R24 540 ex. VAT
R32 088 ex. VAT
R37 130 ex. VAT

A3 Deskpad Calendar
R3 767 ex. VAT
R6 071 ex. VAT
R8 376 ex. VAT
R9 818 ex. VAT
R11 295 ex. VAT
R14 270 ex. VAT
R18 688 ex. VAT
R21 660 ex. VAT

Tent Calendars (A5)

A 13 page (one per month plus cover), pre-designed tent calendar template printed in full colour on 200gsm Titan Hi-Q with an unprinted 355gsm Carta Elega base. These tent calendars are bound at the top with white Wiro. Either use the default image or supply your own. Printed single sided. 

Tent Calendar - Template 01
Tent Calendar - Template 02

Tent Calendar Costing:


A5 Tent Calendar
R3 296 ex. VAT
R4 115 ex. VAT
R5 258 ex. VAT
R6 396 ex. VAT
R8 682 ex. VAT
R14 130 ex. VAT
R19 440 ex. VAT
R23 000 ex. VAT